Fourth to Eighth Grade Offerings

Fourth to Eighth Grade Offerings

How do engineers communicate with computers and other forms of technology? In this field trip, students will have hands-on experience learning how computer scientists develop algorithms through problem solving techniques in order to program technology. Students will also have the opportunity to program some of Kidzu’s robots, such as Cubetto.

NC Computer Science Standards: K2-AP-01, K2-AP-02, K2-AP-03, K2-AP-04, 35-AP-01, 35-AP-02, 35-AP-03, 35-AP-06, 35-AP-01, 35-AP-02, 35-AP-03, 35-AP-04, 35-AP-05, 35-AP-06, 35-AP-10, 35-AP-11, 35-AP-12

Discover how we generate electricity, how it travels to our homes and schools, and how we transform it to be useful in our daily lives. Participants will experiment with static electricity, create live circuits, and investigate conductive and insulating materials.

NC Standard Course of Study: 3.P.3, 3.P.3.1, 3.P.3.2, 4.P.2.1

Learn about Newton’s laws of motion and how we experience these laws in our everyday lives. Participants will investigate Newton’s 3 laws through an inertia experiment, using catapults, and participating in balloon races!

NC Standard Course of Study: 3.P.1, 3.P.1.1, 3.P.1.2, 3.P.1.3, 5.P.1, 5.P.1.1, 5.P.1.2, 5.P.1.4

NC Standard Course of Study: 2.P.2, 3.P.2, 3.P.2.2

Take a deep dive into energy and renewable energy resources! Participants will build their own electric motors, mini wind turbines, and solar ovens to investigate how energy can be harnessed to power our lives.

NC Standard Course of Study: 6.P.3, 6.P.3.3, 7.P.2, 8.P.2, 8.P.2.1, 8.P.2.2

How do computer programmers communicate with machinery through code? To answer this question, participants will try out computers’ binary language, solve game theory riddles, experiment with robotics, and use code to direct friends’ actions.

NC Computer Science Standards: 68-CS-01, 68-AP-03, 68-AP-04, 68-AP-07, 68-AP-10, 68-AP-12, 68-IC-04, 68-IC-05, 68-IC-06

Gain hands-on experience with engineering in the medical field. Learn how prosthetic limbs are designed and help their users, experience how engineering plays a part in medicine we use regularly, and consider how biomedical engineering can help us keep our bodies safe.

NC Standard Course of Study: 7.L.1, 7.L.1.4, 8.L.2, 8.L.2.1