Throwback Thursday: Jeannette Brossart

In our last Mix It Up in the Makery we had artist Jeannette Brossart visit Kidzu and help create an amazing sculpture out of school supplies. If you have been to the Makery before you have probably seen some of Brossart’s previous work. She was the artist who created the F out of crayons that is hanging in the back of the Makery on the wall. If you have not seen this before I suggest that you find it on your next visit, it is amazing! During her most recent visit she worked with children to create a M in the similar fashion as the F. While both works of art use crayons to portray an image there are subtle differences between the two pieces and how the crayons were placed into the art. Come to the Makery and compare the two pieces! Stay informed with Kidzu to find out how to get involved with the next Mix It Up event!