Frans Blog Post # 5

While I was away, Kidzu made a lot of progress on the upcoming bee exhibit. They made plans for the indoor bee exhibit and the outdoor pollinator garden. The outdoor learning garden should begin being built in late May, and should be finished by late June. The indoor play hives has already been built, and other parts of the exhibit (such as costumes) will be in Kidzu as soon as they are ready. I was lucky enough to help with all steps of building the play hive. I began by cuttng out the templates which were used to find where each layer of blocks should be placed to make it look like a bee hive. I then helped to sand and wipe down the cedar blocks which make up the hive. Then next thing I did was drilling and countersinking the wood blocks. I think I enjoyed this part the most because I did it the most so I got into a rhythm and was more sure of what I was doing. Finally, I helped to set the cedar blocks on top of the existing layers. Although the exhibit is not complete yet, I encourage you to come to Kidzu and check it out because it is really fun and has a lot of interesting information.