To Market to Market is back!

Tuesdays 3:30-5:00pm:Market To Market invites children to meet local farmers, practice financial literacy, learn about healthy eating, and have fun! Families will explore the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market at University Place to purchase ingredients and then make something delicious at Kidzu! $10/child, prices include all food purchases.  Sign up online or by calling us at (919)933-1455

It’s To Market To Market Around The World In 7 Months!

– May 10: Zdravstvujtye! Today we’re exploring the flavors of Russian cuisine. Come mix up some Vinegret (Sweet Salad) with us!

– May 17: You’ll want to get your hands on this! Join us as we make our version of Greek Dolma (Stuffed Grape Leaves) and dunk it in creamy tzatziki sauce.

– May 24: Today’s German recipe is “lecker”! Come make yummy Kraut Bierok (Cabbage Pockets) with us.

– May 31: Buon appetito! Join us as we make Italian mini-pizzas, topping our food with fresh produce from the Farmers’ Market.