New Mini Maker

Congratulations to Matthew on becoming the newest mini maker! He completed 5 Makery challenges and is now an official Mini Maker! Keep up the good work!

If you haven’t started your Mini Maker card yet, today is the day to become a Mini Maker at Kidzu Children’s Museum.  Next time you come into Kidzu ask a staff member for your very own Mini Maker Challenge Card. To complete the card, you need to receive 5 stamps. You will get a stamp for each one of the following challenges you complete in our Makery.  Keep up with your Mini Maker Challenge Card because once you complete 5 Challenges you will have you name and picture posted on our Makery Blog!


Celebrate Making not Taking by displaying a masterpiece in the Makery

Post a picture of your creation on the Makery Blog

Create something using at least 4 materials from the Scrap Yard

Complete a circuit using the Circuit Blocks

Design a creation at the Design Depot

Create an invention with the Makey Makey

Build something new at the Workbench

Complete a project at the program tables

Tinker with a machine at the Tinker Table

Donate Materials to the Makery