We Have A New Mini Maker!

We are excited to announce that we have a new mini maker! He has earned his final stamp by completing the weekly STEAM’D UP program! If you haven’t started your Mini Maker card yet, today is the day to become a Mini Maker at Kidzu Children’s Museum.  Next time you come into Kidzu ask a staff member for your very own Mini Maker Challenge Card. To complete the card, you need to receive 5 stamps. You will get a stamp for each one of the following challenges you complete in our Makery.  Keep up with your Mini Maker Challenge Card because once you complete 5 Challenges you will have you name and picture posted on our Makery Blog!



Celebrate Making not Taking by displaying a masterpiece in the Makery

Post a picture of your creation on the Makery Blog

Create something using at least 4 materials from the Scrap Yard

Complete a circuit using the Circuit Blocks

Design a creation at the Design Depot

Create an invention with the Makey Makey

Build something new at the Workbench

Complete a project at the program tables

Tinker with a machine at the Tinker Table

Donate Materials to the Makery