Health & Wellness Resources

Health & Wellness Resources

Kidzu has compiled various helpful resources for families on health and wellness topics. Learn more below thanks to our partnership with health care professionals at UNC.

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Kids' COVID-19 Vaccine Questions Answered

This past winter, Kidzu partnered with local medical professionals to answer questions from the Kidzu community. Read the answers below! 

Who started COVID? Who was the first doctor? - Orli, Age 8

COVID 19 came from a virus. Viruses are all around us and constantly changing. Sometimes when virus change they can make us really sick. COVID was first discovered by doctors in China. These doctors were the first to let us know that COVID was here and that we needed to take special steps to protect ourselves, friends, and family. --Dr. Colin Orr, Associate Medical Director at UNC Pediatrics

How do you make a vaccine? - Hudson, Age 8

Vaccines are a great and safe way to protect you from getting sick by preparing your body to fight diseases. There are many different ways to make a vaccine, but all vaccines have one thing in common. Vaccines show pictures of bad germs to show your immune system, so if a bad germ tries to make you sick your immune systems knows to get that bad germ of your body! --Dr. Colin Orr, Associate Medical Director at UNC Pediatrics

Why is the COVID here? - Loie, Age 5

COVID-19 came from a virus. Viruses are everywhere (even though we can’t see them!) and can make us feel sick. Usually, viruses make us feel sick for a few days and then we start to feel better. Viruses are always changing, just like you, and sometime viruses change in a way that can make us and our families really sick. When that happens we need to take extra steps to protect ourselves and families by washing our hands really well, not getting to close to our friends, and wearing a mask. --Dr. Colin Orr, Associate Medical Director at UNC Pediatrics

Learn more about wellness in Kidzu-created and partner videos!

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